Should you have a corporate culture statement if you’re a two-man firm?

Do you plan to stay small?  Or are you laying the groundwork for a successful business that you can be proud of, one that people will want to work for and do business with?

If the answer to the last question is yes, you need to define what kind of business you want.  As the founder/owner, your business should reflect your values and attitudes.  Take a seat and write down your personal “Laws to Live By”, your belief system.

Define Your Value System

What are the first, second, and third most important things in your life?

What can’t you live without (non-negotiable)?

What can’t you live with (non-negotiable)?

What do you need?

What do you want?

Who are you?

What do you stand for?

Take your time. This is your life.  Your personal statement will be the foundation for your business Vision and Mission statements to come next.

First, think through what you want your business to look, feel, and smell like.  What experience do you want your customers, employees, and vendors to have?  How do you want your company to be perceived in the community?  Again, take your time. This is your baby.  You are going to put all you have into it for a long time, so better make it the best it can be.

Besides a solid foundation to build on, your Laws to Live By will help you become profitable sooner.  Here is what a culture statement could look like.

1.     Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent, memorable service every single time.

2.     We under-promise and over-deliver.

3.     To deliver an extraordinary customer experience, our team members are supportive of each other, productive, empowered, and well compensated.

4.     People enjoy working in our positive, friendly, and clean environment.

5.     We honor an open door policy to encourage the flow of ideas and ongoing improvements.

6.     Our ongoing training and personal development programs help our team members make logical decisions in a fast-paced environment.

7.     We strive to maintain a strong, supportive, and fun environment that attracts and sustains talented team members.

8.     We live and breathe our vision of providing superior customer service, empowers our talented team members, and fosters positive leaders that give back to our community.  (Did we just sneak in part of the Vision Statement?)

Now post your Laws to Live By where it will be seen by customers, associates, and vendors, including entry ways, your website, and advertising materials.  Live it!